IV Flat Track PASS Groovy ½ Mile Motorcycle Races Perris, CA October 8, 2016

Outside of the boundaries and without over regulation the sound of dozens of highly tuned race machines building dreams one lap at a time ripple through the half moon sky.  Here on the out skirts of Southern California LA reality lined by neon electric blue glowing circus ferris wheel lights and masses of fairground goers, an inland empire of vastness leans on the grittier side in all the right ways which make our country the most American where everyone with the will is welcome. A brotherhood and sisterhood of racers, flag men, timing women, pit crews, linemen, family, and spectators join in a song of patriotism with moments of silence for those who have passed and given their final lap and last breath of life to the sport, to our country, to the lifestyle, to the competitiveness, to the traditions we all share.  Chained fences, wires, and crash bails mark the inner perimeter of the area as the PA announcer’s voice rallies the crowd and racers. Reverberations of an ancient gladiator arena radiate from inside the slopping 1/2 mile banked oval track as a water truck preps the surface for the race.  The evolution and the dream of faster, louder, and the pursuit of more wins, more thrills, more power, more performance lingers in a dusty haze as the air fills with two stoke oil and pumped up cylinders burning gasoline. The flag drops, the first heat is off as the racers speed into turn one.  The races have officially begun as one heat after another attack the oval track jockeying for position and hunting for the often illusive and prized win. There is some purse money at stake for the pro classes but only as a small token compared to the hours of modification, expenses, time, travel, and often personal peril the sport more often than not serves her worshipers.  Just beyond the horizon of competitiveness friendship and camaraderie are the true trophy of the night shared by the many blessed by these moments and relationships between man, woman, and machine.  Tonight there is a content feeling of a great race night with no casualties beyond a few bumps, bruises, and broken race parts which can be easily fixed for the next race. This is the new version of the timeless sport of Flat Track Motorcycle Racing.
             Brian Bell, the conductor of the event, the go to guy, the promoter, the racer, and the everything to get the job done guy does what he does out of pure passion for the sport. As the night comes to a close and after every event Brian checks with all the riders and participants to make sure his mantra of, "If everyone comes to the race and leaves with a great big smile from ear to ear then we have had a successful night." is put into reality.  Brian is in large part what makes these events so unique as he is the positive spark igniting and putting into motion a solid group of family, friends, competitors, and volunteers who all pitch in to make these events a go. Brian's version and dream of bringing flat track racing back to the masses and making the sport more accessible has become a reality.  IV Flat Track events have single handedly brought the sport of flat track racing back to the masses and palpable for racers of all ages, and skill levels.  It is the only event where the latest factory race designs, street Harleys, vintage brakeless Indians, and all things in between have a home on the track to compete.  Dust off your old race bikes, build a new one, or just run what you can and come out to experience  these special events as a racer or a spectator and enjoy the thrill and great American pastime of flat track motorcycle racing.

website www.ivlft.com

Event Sponsors: Vance Hines, Temecula Harley Davidson, Paint by Smokey, Law Tigers, Lifestyle Cycles, Visual Impact Promotions, Speedway USA

We put two new Hot Rod Surf bikes into race action on Saturday night. Here are some highlights of our No.5 early 1970’s style vintage flat tracker ridden by Blake Mehran, and mini No.5 bike ridden by Hans Mehran, No.15 Max Mehran, and No.25 and No. 692 also ridden by Blake Mehran. The difference between our Del Mar 1/8 mile track and the Perris ½ mile was eye opening and exciting. The two new bikes put in a few good laps at a great event as the boys widened their riding experience.



Chuck Minniear
10/13/2016 4:50pm

I was parked across from you in the pits. When you came in with that big truck and trailer with all those bikes, I thought man what a job you had to control all the bikes, and riders. Those young riders were really well behaved and interested in the bikes and races. Did I mention how fast and smooth they were in practice and the races. I think you will have a group of future good riders. Keep up the good work.


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